Check us out at Rave Aid 2014!

This year Howl Sound will be playing alongside some of Vancouvers best for the second annual Rave Aid. Last year marked the creation of a 90s themed rave, started by Farshad Abasi to celebrate his birthday, Rave Aid easily became one of the hottest parties of 2013. This year the team has stepped it up by planning a 2 room party, with tech and rave music in the main room and a chill room which will feature a variety of artists.

ROOM 1: House+Techno+Rave
Music by:
Abasi vs Dave Dirk
Andy Clockwork vs Woodhead
Austin Phillips vs Matt Tecson
Howl Sound
Patrick Kelly vs Mark Bayrock vs Aaron DeLa Funk
Ryan Wells vs BIKES
DJ Siavash vs. DJ Ceebas
Dj Smoothie (on sax)

Lights | Visuals | Lasers by:
Synapse | Endorphin + Mozaic | Stimulating Emissions
Amazing Dancers by:
Zynth & Co.

ROOM 2: Ambient+Chill+Downtempo+Deep
Music by:
Nancy Dru
That African
The Hobbyist

Visuals by Matt Troy

Tickets go on sale March 4/14 and will be sure to sell out. To grab tickets you can find them here.

If you would like to find more information about the event check out the facebook page here.


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