Howl Sound Summers Over Playlist

Howl Sound has released a new playlist of music we have vibing on lately. This is the first of a monthly/bi-monthly update we will be doing to share our current inspirations with our friends.

Linked below is the beatport link where you can listen and buy any of the tracks you like.


1. 3 Days Of The Condor (Original Mix) – Eskimo Twins

2. Medusa (Sentel Remix) – Space Ladies

3. I’ll Do Anything (Original Mix) – Darius Syrossian

4. Decka Sound (Original Mix) – Decka Sound

5. Carpathian Acid (Melodee Remix) – Teluric

6. Prana (Joonipah Remix) – The Soft

7. Nothing To Get (Les Tronchiennes Remix) – Autodidakt & Nadisko

8. Memories (Original Mix) – Killjoy

9. Waiting in the Weeds (Original Mix) – Andreas Henneberg

10. Modechine (Original Mix) – Eskimo Twins


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