Fred P. and Steve Summers – Subversive Vibes

Last night we had the privilege of going to check out Fred P. and Steve Summers at Open Studios. The show was put on by Subversive, who we might add as being our favourite techno promoters in town. In terms of underground techno parties, we love what Subversive are doing, their minimalist approach to decor and warehouse aesthetic is a plus. Steve Summers is great, we have seen him a couple of times, the last being at the Waldorf. Fred P was really good. Banging techno, big dark room, and everyone was vibing. As the night progressed, Fred dropped some upbeat house tunes as well. Great way to mellow out the mood and bring the night to a close. Up until closing, the room was full, everyone dancing until the lights turned on. The combination of Subversive and Open Studios is magic. Open Studios was made for techno, and Subversive brings great techno and a great crowd. People who appreciate good underground music.


Learn more about Subversive here.



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